Be The Authentic You

by | Sep 13, 2021 | Local Business SEO Strategies

When people arrive on your website, they want to get to know you.

They want to see the authentic you.

The more you can show them about your business, the higher the chance you’ll be able to build a connection with them.

People want to do business with people they feel a connection to.

Think about a generation ago and why people visited the local hardware or general store. Usually it was because they got to know the owner and that connection kept them coming back.

Your website needs to do the same thing.

The question becomes, how do you show your authentic self?


One of the mistakes we see over and over again is business owners using stock photos on a local business website.

Nobody buys into those photos anymore. People see the same photo used over and over all over the web and they know it isn’t you.

If you want to stand out and connect on a personal level with your website visitors, you need to show them the real you!

People want to do business with real people. Stock photography shows the exact opposite. You want to show actual photos of you and your team.

That’s not the only thing you can do. Adding videos of your team, or video testimonials of your actual clients can also go a long way to boosting your conversion rate.


Before people even reach out, they’re looking for answers to some basic questions.

They want to know if you’ll show up on time, if you can really solve their problem, and if you can do it at a fair price.

You should never leave your visitors wondering about any of those questions.

You want them to reach out, so you need them to know you can really help them.

You might be asking, how? You need to be sure your website deals with the concerns they have.

Speak to their needs, and leave no room for doubt. If you do that, you’ll have no trouble landing them as a customer.

This is something we can help you do.

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