Website Traffic Doesn’t Equal Clients

by | Nov 8, 2021 | Local Business SEO Strategies

All local business owners want the same thing:

More clients to grow their business.

When they reach out to us for help, they usually want help getting more traffic to their website.

We get it, traffic is important.

But, this is the thing…

More website traffic won’t help you if you don’t CONVERT that traffic into leads, and ultimately into customers.

As the cost of ads continue to rise, converting those website visitors has become more important than ever.


Take one of our recent clients for example.

They provide home security alarm services.

Though they were getting a decent amount of website traffic, they were only converting a small percentage of that traffic into leads.

They wanted more.

We took a look at their website and quickly realized that a redesign with a focus on conversions was necessary.

With a new website focused on SEO and conversion optimization, we were able to increase their website traffic, but more importantly, increase the conversion rate of those visitors.

The end result is more leads, at a lower cost per lead.


We made small but necessary changes to the website. We completely refreshed the site and optimized it to load quickly.

By speeding up the load times, we dramatically reduced the bounce rate and improved the user experience. When a website visitors does not have to wait for a website to load, they’re more interested in looking around.

The end result is that if they weren’t already sold when they visited the website, they’re more likely to find something that will encourage them to want to reach out.

Website speed, is of course, only one factor.

Other important factors include your call to action, web form, and even your “About Us” page.

Small details like this can make a big impact on conversion rates.

Some leads would really like to get to know you before they reach out for more info.

Believe it or not, if you address the small elements of your website, you can really boost the number of leads your website produces.

And, you can do it without spending any more money on lead generation.

That’s why we’re here, and we would love to help.

Let’s chat about your lead generation needs and see if we might be a good fit to work together.

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