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Get A Steady Flow of Leads, Day After Day

The experts regularly suggest SEO as one of the best returns on investment in the marketing world. You can often see a 200% ROI or more. Our proven SEO system can help you rank higher on Google. It’s a simple 3 pronged approach that ensures you send Google the right signals.


Backlinks from trusted sources to your website


Relevant content published consistently on your website


A conversion optimized website with the technical elements and relevant keywords

Our Lake Wales SEO Agency Can Help Your Business Accelerate Leads Online

Do backlinks really matter?

The answer is, yes. Think of backlinks like a popularity contest. Every other relevant web page that links to you is a vote for you. The more legitimate those pages, and the more relevant to your industry the better.

What should I write about?

Content is important, but it needs to be the right content. We do a tremendous amount of keyword research for our customers so we can be sure we have the right content strategy in place.  We want to know what people are searching for and make sure you show up for those terms.

Technical SEO is key

As Google and other search engine bots crawl your website, it’s important that things are structured appropriately for them to parse and understand what your website is about. The better it is structured, the more frequently they will crawl your website.

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Lake Wales SEO Designed to Generate a Serious ROI For Your Company

I’m sure, like most everyone, you’ve experience a scenario where you searched for a product or service, and found exactly what you were looking for in one of the top 3 search spots.

Every industry and geographic location is different, but for many businesses, those 3 search engine ranking positions are attainable.

We carry out a systematic approach to our Lake Wales SEO, but we also teach you the basics along the way so you fully understand what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.

Lake Wales SEO Services Designed to Turn Your Website into a Lead Generating Machine

Our Lake Wales SEO experts would welcome an opportunity to show you the benefits to using our SEO services. As part of our SEO strategy session, we’ll talk through some of the things that are working for you, and where there may be opportunities for growth.

It’s a simple question, really… If you could double your leads by this time next year, would it make sense to invest in a Lake Wales SEO Expert?

If the answer is yes, please reach out to schedule a strategy session to talk about your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Our Lake Wales SEO Services

How quickly can I expect results from SEO?

SEO isn’t a quick process. Typically, we expect it to take 6-9 months before a clear R.O.I. is realized and significantly more leads are flowing in. The true exponential growth happens after 9 months to a year. Within 3-6 months, you should begin to see traffic and rankings begin moving up.

Should I hire an agency or an SEO Employee?

After 10 years of marketing experience, we have learned that true expertise takes time. Our team is dedicated to SEO and generating results for our customers. Working as a team and sharing our strategies with other team members has enabled us to gain insight that would be difficult to do if working alone. With that said, there are many qualified SEO experts out there that may want to come in-house. The key is to weigh your options and find the best fit for you.

What type of deliverables should I expect with an SEO campaign?

As we begin with your Lake Wales SEO project, the first thing we will create is a strategy paln. We then move on to SEO audits that will be occassionally shared with you. Unlike many agencies, we are a white glove agency, so as we develop the technical task lists, we actually make the changes to your site. We don’t hand you a giant to-do list for you to accomplish. Based on the project scope, we develop the content, built backlinks, and document everything. Each month we’ll do a meeting to review the work done on your behalf. We also give you a reporting dashboard so you can track progress anytime you want.

Do you require a long-term contract?

No way! With that said, our focus is to generate a clear ROI in 6-9 months. After that, it begins to compound. We want to partner with companies who think long-term about SEO. If you’re not looking for a Lake Wales SEO company to partner with a year or more, we may not be the right choice for you.

What if I cancel my SEO contract?

What of the great things about SEO is that you will generally always benfit long term for the tasks we accomplish. Writing articles for your site, building backlinks pointing to your website and press releases mentioning your company stick around and benefit you for 6-12 months after you stop working with us. But, continued effort and fresh content will help ensure traffic doesn’t level off.

How much does an SEO service cost?

All of our services are month-to-month and start around $1,500 per month or more depending on the strategy we develop for your company. Our goal is always to analyze the results, increase revenues, and increase your monthly investment with us as revenues increase 3x, 5x, 10x and beyond.

Is SEO still a thing?

Think about this statistic: In 2020, companies spent just shy of $80 billion dollars on SEO. More than 3x what was spent in 2010. SEO is definitely not dying, its exponentially increasing.

50% of all website traffic comes from Google. That number is staggering, and it’s more than paid and social traffic combined.

What about the ads at the top of Google?

More than 70% of searchers say they skip the paid ads and go for the organic results.

Is SEO still important in 2021?

SEO continues to be one of the best investments for your marketing dollars. If your customers search Google (and I would put money of the fact that they do), you should be investing in SEO.

Many companies get over 40% of their business from Google search results. Think about it this way… a company that generates $1 million dollars in revenue gets $400k of it from Google search traffic.

Traditional marketing has a close rate of about 1.7%. SEO traffic to a website typically has a close rate of over 14.5%. You’re reaching your customers exactly when they are looking for your products or services.

Is SEO Still Alive in 2021?

As competition increases, it gets more difficult, but the opportunity keeps growing too.

There is an old saying that says the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

This holds true for SEO too. SEO is a long-term strategy. It takes time. Every day that you put it off is another leg up your competition has on you.

You can’t hack SEO. Some people have tried and they’ve had their businesses completely removed from the search results. SEO in today’s environment requires consistent strategy and growth.

SEO works incredibly well, but there is no shortcut. It’s a long-term game.

Who is the best SEO company in Lake Wales?

Here at Catapult Local, we pride ourselves in helping our customers move higher on Google maps and search results.

If you’re looking for an incredible SEO company in the US, we believe we’re one of the best. Our proven process, aggressive tactics and clear communication puts us at the top.

We are a Lake Wales SEO company, but we work with companies all across the United States.

The biggest warning we will give is to watch out for companies clamining to “guarantee rankings”, or set unrealistic timelines. Most of the time these claims are not true, or worse, use nefarious tactics that could get your website banned completely from Google.

Many businesses stress about
bringing in enough leads?

We build Lake Wales SEO solutions and use aggressive strategies to get them noticed on Google. You get better leads, enabling you to focus on what you do best… serving your customers. Schedule your FREE consultation to see if would be a good fit to work together.