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When we started working with TJ and his team at McKeon Chiropractic, the goal was to bring the website to a modern design, make it optimized for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile, and to ensure it was optimized for local SEO. After spending time to understand their customer avatar, we were able to develop a website that met all of the project goals. In no time, they started to see a rise in their search engine rankings. They now have a website that generates leads day in and day out.

chiropractor marketing

McKeon Chiropractic is a Lake Wales Chiropractic Office in Central Florida. They needed a website that represented their brand and answered the questions their patients were looking for. We created a modern website that really helps them stand out from the competition.

By building their website content from the the start with high-quality keywords, search engine optimized keywords, we were able to help them dominate in the search engines and get highly targeted organic leads like they’ve never had before.

“It has been great to work with Jeremy and the team at Catapult Local. No matter what needs arrive, we know we have an experienced team we can turn to.”


TJ McKeon
McKeon Chiropractic

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What made it work? Takeaway Notes


Trust Building – Getting your website visitors to quickly trust you is majorly important to growing your business. By utilizing badges, testimonials and 3rd Party review sites above the fold.


Engaging Call-to-Actions & Headlines – Studies have shown that very few people read ever word on a webpage. More often than not, they scan a webpage looking for the information they’re looking for. By placing forms and headlines in areas that draw visitors attention, we’re able to dramatically improve the conversion rate. More conversions = more leads = more revenue. Writing headlines that strategically address the problems people are seeking help with, we’re able to build empathy with your visitors and get them to trust that you’re the solution they’ve been looking for.


Consistent Website & Social Media Content – It is important to always be adding information to your website and social media channels. Not only does this position your business as the expert in your field, but it provides SEO boosting content for the search engines to index and show in search results. 

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